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When watching television with Brian, Stewie discovers his old friend, Olivia, a female actress, is coming to Quahog in an attempt to boost her Hollywood career. Stewie insists Brian should take him to the mall to ridicule her when she arrives, but he instantly begins to fall in love with her. At first, she does not feel the same way, but decides to date Stewie when he attempts to act in a more mature manner. The couple get married with Stewie’s teddy bear, Rupert, as the minister, but Stewie becomes irritable at Olivia after she flirts with one of her old friends at a party. After walking in on Olivia cheating with the child from the party, he leaves the house in anger and decides to set fire to it, leaving Olivia and her new partner to burn. Meanwhile, Peter decides to make a ‘chick flick’ after being inspired by a movie Lois had asked him to watch with her.


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